Feelin' the Oats: PrarieOats Etsy Shop

I discovered the prairie oats shop on Etsy during one of my weekly "faux" shopping sprees. So you know,  "Faux" shopping is what I do when I want to shop but lack the budgetary means to really get in there and go crazy. This is how it works. I visit my favorite online shops and  load my shopping cart up with all the things I want and love and would by if money were no issue. Then...I slowly close my browser, and back away from the laptop. No names, no credit card numbers, and no one gets hurt, especially my often anorexic savings account. It really takes the edge off. I highly recommend it. Read on for more about the vintage-y, salvage-y, prairie oats jewelry line.

When I came across the prairie oats shop I was surprised to find that I had accumulated damn near the whole shop in my little cart! Her stuff is earthy, edgy, vintage, structural, sophisticated, whimsical and beautiful, all at once. Salvaged fabrics, metals, and other objects are choice mediums for this collection and each item is hand crafted and reclaimed but reflects the original essence of the artifact used.  The shop includes earrings made from shell casings, a necklace with porcupine quills, and vintage necklace made from brass barrels. The designs possess an element that reminds me of Native American tools and symbols, a dash of culture is something I am drawn to in design. Take a look. Don't you want it all?!

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1. Backbone Fishspine and Silver Spike Earrings - $28.00

2. Diamonds Are Earrings by Prairieoats - $22.00

3. Hoist - Industrial Glam Pulley Earrings by Prairieoats - $86.00

4. Shield Me-Geometric Brass Shield Earrings - $24.00

5.  Cheyenne I - Porcupine Quill and Turquoise Rhinestone Pioneer Necklace by Prairieoats - $92.00

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