Footwear Color Pop

Hope you all had enjoyed your holiday! If you're like me your nursing a Turkey hangover and thinking of creative ways to inject turkey into next week's meals so you can get back to eating turkey-free food ASAP!

As with most holidays, I spent this Thanksgiving with my Mom and my Dad (picture the movie "Four Christmases" only Thanksgiving with slightly less drama, but just as much comedy). One thing I noticed as I was preparing for mad dash up and down the New Jersey Turnpike, was that my shoe game has gotten a little drab. Don't get me wrong, I have a bunch of cute shoes that I adore, but my collection lacks color. I've been asleep at the wheel, guys. I literally have no less than 10 pairs of black shoes.

Well, the first step in addressing a problem is admitting you have one. My name is Nik, and I'm addicted to purchasing black shoes. Next step? When you know better, do better. The easiest and most budget friendly way to add color to  your wardrobe is via accessories, so I did a little internet shopping today and picked up these babies from Lorishoes.com. Yes, I am aware that they contain a lot of black. Baby steps.

Here are a few other fly kicks I came across during my search. The red boots? Yes, they are giving me all sorts of fever! Do tell, have you developed an addition to "drab" when it comes to your wardrobe? How do you add pops of color to your looks? Enjoy!

Footwear Color Pop

Charlotte Olympia high heel shoes
$875 - nordstrom.com

Brian atwood shoes
$995 - nordstrom.com

Nicholas Kirkwood satin shoes
$1,385 - nordstrom.com

Jeffrey Campbell high wedge
$180 - solestruck.com

Jeffrey campbell shoes
$160 - solestruck.com

Alexander mcqueen shoes
£630 - harrods.com

Yves Saint Laurent suede shoes
$775 - nordstrom.com

ASOS flat slip on shoes
$45 - asos.com

$184 - lorisshoes.com

Dolce Vita Sana
$245 - solestruck.com

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